‘Cedar Views’ Apartments

Redesign of previous development consent for 12 storey, 72 unit commercial and retail development. Redesign includes an increase in unit numbers by removing commercial space and integration of adjoining site to provide an additional 33 units and consolidation of basement levels so they can be rented with options like airbnb, using services as HomeHost Airbnb online. Developed the design and produced documentation for a mixed use development on the consolidated site.

In 2015 a Developer originally envisioned the site being redeveloped into a mixed-use building that included market-rate apartments and retail space. Part of that retail space was set to become home to the River Liquor Store, a business that had occupied the site up until recently. Unfortunately, the project which was called “LoMa”, never came to fruition.

It was just a few years ago when Commonbond began to notice how quickly Northeast was gentrifying and how high the rental prices were climbing. That’s when they decided to step in. Quickly after they acquired their first property in Northeast, Stonehouse Square Apartments, they began planning their second property in the neighborhood, Gateway Northeast.

We encourage our apartments buyers to make an appointment with their agent or project manager to come out and walk through the home at any stage,” Perschino says. “We suggest that it be by appointment to cut down on some of the safety concerns or limitations when a house is under construction. It also gives us a chance to offer a one-on-one conversation that may not be the same via email, so they can decide what they want in their new home they are purchasing.